What Are ‘Legal’ Interruptions?


Part of the Parliamentary tradition, but it should be short, witty and rare

Point of Order

For a rule violation (1) not addressing the Speaker ,(2) inappropriate dress/ decorum, (3) rude behaviour lowering the level of debate.

Point of Personal Privilege

(1) Being personally insulted or slandered, (2) Being misquoted

Point of Information

A debater may stand with arm out to ask a question while another debater has the floor, but the debater speaking does not need to take the question. The debater speaking may: wave the POI down, finish his/her thought before answering or take the question.

  • POIs should be a short question (10-15 sec). This is Q&A, not argument & Q.
  • Two-Four POIs are not out of order. However excessive POIs may be considered disruption and a lowering of the standard of debate.

Interruptions are valid in and of themselves, but they are also often used as strategy- to interrupt another debater’s flow. That is to be expected, but use your judgment as to when it is overdone.

What to do about violations?

Deduct one point for each occurrence of a violation.