Evidence and Clash


An argument without evidence is not sufficient. Debaters are to give evidence. This may be logical reasons, assertions, quotations and, on prepared topics, may be expected to have basic research which includes statistics.

Debaters are obligated to provide a source, if asked by another debater. Evidence must be true. Students may assume a role, but fabricated facts may be cause for disqualification from prizes. However they may still ‘win’ the debate.


“Clash” is the term given to addressing and refuting another debater’s argument. Without clash, there isn’t any debate.

Debaters must clash directly and specifically to their opponents’ arguments.

Judges must keep track of which arguments have been successfully contested (using lines, checks, arrows, etc.)

Clash is a central, deciding factor of a debate. If a partners fail to clash with major points, they should lose the debate.

Note to Judges: If they have little clash, because they were not given anything with which to clash, please take that into consideration.

The Atlantic Debate Conference has been postponed and will be rescheduled for Spring of 2019.