Cross-Examination Rules

1. Issue being debated is referred to as the “topic” or “question.”  The resolution must be defined and interpreted in a fair and accurate way to reflect the intended debate.  (Squirreling is not allowed).

2. The team arguing in support of the question is the Affirmative, against the question is called the Negative.

3. Address all remarks through the Moderator.

4. Teams can role-play that they represent an interest group etc.

5. Debaters shall treat each other with respect. Judges shall penalize debaters guilty of rudeness or brow-beating

6. Debaters shall ask fair questions on relevant subjects.

7. Questions may originate from any speech given during the debate.

8. Examiners shall be penalized for arguing with witnesses or making speeches instead of asking questions.

9. The Moderator may cut short a witness who stalls or answers at unreasonable length.

10. Debaters shall give direct, honest answers. They must not evade questions.

11. Witnesses are allowed to clarify an answer.

12. Debaters being examined cannot ask questions, except to clarify a question.

13. A debater must not help a partner who has risen to examine or while (s)he is answering questions.

14. No heckling, points of order or personal privilege may be raised during the debate. (Rule violations addressed at the end)

The Atlantic Debate Conference has been postponed and will be rescheduled for Spring of 2019.