Cross-Ex: Questioning and Answering

Questions asked must be appropriate:

  • relevant
  • not overly personal or designed to embarrass
  • not speeches or arguing with the witness
  • yes / no answers cannot be demanded
  • reasonable answers cannot be interrupted
  • ask questions in a series
  • base questions on statements/ arguments made earlier, on arguments which the Examiner to present, or on any topic which the Examiner thinks may bring his/her side advantage

When answering questions:

  • Answer the question within a reasonable length,
  • Do not evade the question,
  • Tell the truth, but explanation / qualification is possible,
  • Answer, do not ask a question unless the question is not clear,
  • Debaters must not help partners once they rise to begin an examination or while they are answering questions.
The Atlantic Debate Conference has been postponed and will be rescheduled for Spring of 2019.