Character Quiz

Students are asked to prepare a “character” in advance. Details should include gender, name, place of residence, age, personal history, hobbies, quirks etc.

Students should sit in a circle in a large, open area. Determine who will begin the game. The first student stands up and speaks “in character.” Allow approximately 2-3 to provide a biographical sketch. When the student has finished with the introduction, s/he will ask for questions.

This is the fun part: The next four students on the left will ask one question each “in character”, even if their character hasn’t been introduced. The student answering questions must stay in character throughout the process as well.

Students are judged on:

  • Development of an interesting, unique character.
  • Ability to maintain the character throughout the exercise.
  • Ability to ask interesting questions that pertain to the character being questioned.
  • Ability to use the question period to further develop the character.


The Atlantic Debate Conference has been postponed and will be rescheduled for Spring of 2019.