Parliamentary Rules

  1. A law is proposed by government, and opposed by the opposition.
  2. The government is assumed to be the Canadian Federal Government unless otherwise stated.
  3. Debaters are to be dressed for Parliament.
  4. Debaters must address the Speaker at beginning of their speech, during Points of Order and Personal Privilege, and at any time they take the floor from another debater.
  5. Debaters are to speak through Mr. or Madam Speaker (not directly to the Opposition).
  6. Debaters must refer to each other by their proper titles (Examples: The Prime Minister, or the Member of the Crown for Saint John Central).
  7. Only one debater may hold the floor at any given time.
  8. Point of Order: a debater may rise on a Point of Order if a rule has been broken.
    • Failure to address the speaker.
    • Failure to address other debaters by the proper titles.
    • Rude, insulting behavior.
  9. Point of Personal Privilege: a debater may rise on a Point of Personal Privilege if they have been slandered or misquoted.
  10. A Point of Information: a debater may rise to ask a question, but it is the debater holding the floor who decides to take it or not. Questions should be brief and on point.
  11. Heckling is allowed — but should be short, witty and rare.
  12. Rebuttals: no new arguments, evidence or plans may be introduced during the Prime Minister’s Official Rebuttal except by way of refutation to points of another debater.
The Atlantic Debate Conference has been postponed and will be rescheduled for Spring of 2019.