Parliamentary: Responsibilities

Team Responsibilities


• Define the resolution and set limits

• Present a plan to implement the resolution

• Prove that the resolution is necessary and beneficial

• Refute the arguments of the Opposition


• Refute the arguments of the Government

• Prove that there is no need for change

• Prove that the resolution is not beneficial


Individual Responsibilities

Prime Minister

• Define the resolution (set limits)

• Justify that the resolution is necessary

• Explain benefits of plan

• Describe plan to implement resolution

• Be prepared for Opposition arguments

• Strong conclusion


First Opposition (MO – Minister of the Opposition)

• Take notes during P.M. speech

• What was and wasn’t said?

• Contest the definition, if necessary

• Was P.M.’s speech all opinion?

• Identify weaknesses in Gov. plan

• Attack words like “maybe” or “seems”

• Address key issues

• Refute specific P.M. comments

• Strong conclusion


Second Government (MOC – Minister of the Crown)

• Take notes during Opp. speeches

• Grab the attention of the audience with strong intro.

• Refute key arguments-don’t get led astray!

• Add support and evidence to your position

• Summarize key points of Govt. position

• Strong conclusion


Leader of Opposition

• Take notes during Govt. speeches

• Strong intro. that attacks Govt.

• Attack key issues-don’t get led astray!

• Defend your position

• Strong conclusion


P.M. Rebuttal

• Identify the key arguments before you begin

• Start with a bang!

• Cover some ground

• Be specific

• Do not introduce new evidence (see rules)

• Strong conclusion